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Bernhard Wyss

Bernhard Wyss

Proprietor/Managing Director, Zurich office

Has worked at the travel agency since 1985; specific training in flight tariffs and business travel.

Has personal experience of the following countries:

Hong Kong, USA, Canada, United Arab Emirates, Brazil, Macao, UK, Germany, Holland, Italy, Spain, Austria, France, Denmark, and Egypt.

François Loye

François Loye

Has worked for Crystal Travel AG since 2007.

Many years' experience of the tourism and business travel sectors.

Has visited most European and global capitals and inspected the major hotels.

Zurich location

Crystal Travel AG
Hohlstrasse 192
8004 Zürich, Switzerland

Hours of business
08.00 - 18.00 Monday – Friday
For emergencies
+41 (0)44 299 23 23
Please note the emergency number on your e-ticket.

+41 (0)44 240 23 75


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