FDFA travel advice in brief

The Eidgenössische Departement für auswärtige Angelegenheiten (EDA), or Swiss Federal Department for Foreign Affairs (FDFA), provides information on the security situation in foreign countries. It supplements other sources of information. It is the traveller’s own responsibility to prepare for a journey and to decide whether or not to travel.

FDFA travel advice focuses on information relating to safety where politics and crime is concerned. It includes an assessment of potential risks and recommends certain precautionary measures. The advice is based on the Department’s own, trustworthy sources. The Department does not enter into correspondence regarding the information.

The individual travel advice only names those regions or places where there are particular risks. If the situation is especially dangerous travellers are advised not to travel to the affected parts of the country. Travellers are only advised to avoid the whole country if

  • virtually no government structures are still functioning or
  • several different risks combine to present a great danger to travellers or
  • individual events with an unusual impact make travel inadvisable.

The travel advice does not cover every eventuality. It does not, for example, provide information on meteorological trends and individual natural disasters. In such cases travel agents will inform their clients about the feasibility of travel. The travel advice is not a news bulletin either. Doctors and vaccination centres can advice on the prevalence of diseases and potential protective measures.

The travel advice is updated when the latest events affect the security situation assessment. It can consequently change any time and at short notice. This is why the FDFA asks interested parties to just use a link to direct inquirers to the travel advice.

The adjacent headings must be regarded as an integral part of the travel advice.

The Swiss embassies and consulates abroad are able to assist Swiss nationals in an emergency. A charge is usually made for provision of assistance. If you find yourself in an emergency situation because you have not heeded FDFA travel advice, you may incur costs which are not covered by travel insurance

Exclusion of liability
The FDFA’s travel advice is based on its own sources of information which it regards as trustworthy. It must be regarded as useful information for careful travel planning. The FDFA cannot, however, assume responsibility for an individual’s decision to travel, or for preparing for and carrying out the journey.

Often dangerous situations cannot be predicted, cannot be calculated and can quickly change. The FDFA makes no warranties for completeness of the travel advice and refuses any liability for any damage or loss in connection with a journey. Claims for travel cancellations must be made direct to the travel agency or travel insurance company.

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