Hand luggage restrictions

More and more airports are enforcing hand luggage restrictions. SWISS is also trying to prevent problems caused by excessive hand luggage, with the aim of ensuring your personal safety and comfort on board.

Refer to our hand luggage regulations and avoid having to unpack your luggage at the check-in desk. Items of luggage which exceed the dimensions must be checked in. In each case the regulations apply to your class of reservation.

Number of items of luggage 2 2 1
Dimensions per item 55 x 40 x 20 cm 55 x 40 x 20 cm 55 x 40 x 20 cm
Weight per item 8kg 8kg 8kg

Hand luggage must not contain any dangerous objects and must be stowed safely under the seat in front of you or in the overhead lockers so that it can't fall out.

In exceptional cases we ask passengers to check in their hand luggage. This mainly happens on flights which are served by a smaller type of airplane. Passengers travelling SWISS Economy are entitled to 1 item of hand luggage.

The following items are permitted on board – if necessary in addition to hand luggage (except for infants)

  • 1 coat or blanket
  • 1 umbrella or walking stick
  • 1 ladies’ handbag
  • 1 small camera or binoculars
  • Reading material for the journey

Travelling with an infant – the following items may be brought on board

  • 1 baby car seat or 1 folding child’s buggy (in cargo hold) or 1 child car seat
  • Baby food for use on board

For passengers with limited mobility

  • 1 collapsible wheelchair (in cargo hold)
  • 1 pair crutches and/or arm/leg splints, or any kind of prosthesis
  • Medical devices (e.g. the quantity of haemodialysis agent required for the journey).

Stowage on board

Hand luggage must be stowed on board. The first item of hand luggage must be placed under the seat in front of you (if possible), the second in the luggage locker.

Hand luggage security regulations – carrying liquids

The following regulations apply on SWISS's network of flights, in addition to the general security regulations, for carriage of liquids in hand luggage:

The applicable regulations at a glance

  • The volume of liquids, aerosols, gels and creams is limited to 100 ml per container.
  • All containers with liquids must be stored in a sealable, see-through plastic bag with a maximum volume of 1 litre.
  • Special plastic bags are available commercially and at the airport.
  • The plastic bag must be shown at the security check.
  • Passengers are only permitted to take one plastic bag each on board.

  • Maximum 1 litre capacity
  • Resealable (e.g. zip-lock bag)
  • See through

Large volumes of liquids (up to a maximum of two litres) can be consigned to hold luggage, provided they are not classed as “gefährliche Güter”.



Medicines: indispensable liquid medicines may be brought on board. The quantity allowed corresponds to the quantity required during the flight, e.g. medicines for diabetics. Depending on the circumstances a doctor’s certificate in English may be useful.

Baby food: baby milk and liquid baby food may be taken on board by passengers travelling with infants.

Liquid duty-free items

The following special regulations apply to liquid duty-free items when transiting through Switzerland:

Place of purchase Departure from destinations within the EU, Switzerland, Norway, the USA or Canada Departure from other destinations
At the departure airport
(after boarding card check)
On board flights within Switzerland YES1 NO
At the airport in Switzerland
(after boarding card check)
On board flights outside Switzerland YES YES
1With the exception of passengers whose final destination is in the USA.
 2Only from duty-free shops after security checks for passengers whose final destination is in the USA.

The liquids must be stored in a closed, tamper-proof bag (in accordance with ICAO regulations). This package must also contain an adequate proof of purchase (within 36 hours before departure).

Special regulations for flights to the USA

Liquids from duty-free shops may only be taken on board flights to the USA if they have been purchased after security checks or on board the flight from Switzerland to the USA. Duty-free items purchased outside these areas cannot be carried on board even if they are sealed.

Travellers with connecting flights in the USA must put the liquid duty-free items purchased in their registered luggage after landing in the USA.

Source: SWISS website