Crystal Travel AG – your business travel partner

  • Crystal Travel AG, with 3 branch offices is one of Switzerland's leading providers of business travel. The shareholder (Mr. Bernhard Wyss) who manages the business is a proven business travel specialists with long years of experience.
  • Our staff (currently 11 in Zurich, 10 in Zug, 3 in Baar are experienced travel specialists. Each receives regular additional training in his or her specialist field. This is why we are able to guarantee expert advice, tailored to your needs, on affordable terms.
  • You choose who serves you, which is how we ensure expert services tailored to your requirements. It doesn’t matter how many people you deal with, in accordance with our service standard your travel arrangements will be confirmed as quickly as possible (by e-mail, fax, etc., as you prefer). Under normal circumstances every confirmation contains various travel options, with different prices, so you can choose.
  • Crystal Travel AG has invested heavily in technology. Our computer system lets us compare low cost carriers with the usual airlines and offer you the best options. All information is provided by telephone, or better, by e-mail/fax.
  • If your travel documents have not been issued as an e-ticket, they will be sent to you by post, courier or, in the event of bookings at very short notice, sent direct to the airport. We often deliver overnight by courier rather than by post.
  • We can also book your hotel room and hire car, and procure the necessary documents such as visas, insurance, etc. Maybe you need a limousine service, a secretary, or even an office at your destination? We are not only in a position to organise these additional services through our worldwide association, GlobalStar Travel Management, we can also offer your more favourable terms. Ask us.
  • Our statistics let you accurately analyse your travel. It doesn’t matter whether you just need to know the number of flights, or the number of flights per airline and route, we can provide you with all the details and information. This helps you negotiate better terms with service providers. Or would you like us to negotiate your contracts for you? We guarantee that we will give you impartial advice.
  • Optimising travel costs is only one aspect. We can also optimise your internal, travel-related processes, from devising and introducing more logical travel guidelines, via coordinating travel, to managing your frequent flyer accounts. We can even help to coordinate and optimise your payment processes (e.g. monthly account, LSV, etc.) if so desired.
  • CRYSTAL TRAVEL AG is at your service any time and anywhere. Our 24-hour emergency service is not just an 0800 number – you can speak to us in person at any time. Please bear in mind that this is an EMERGENCY number and not a normal 24-hour service number.